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COVID-19 Guidelines and Requirements

The recent global Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world we live in and also our working operations.

At 3D-VR media, our main priority continues to be the same as yours – ensuring the safety and health of employees, friends, families and communities in where we continue to operate, reside and work within.

To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines and requirements set by the UK government, 3D-VR media have committed to the following actions detailed below. These measures will assist and contribute towards slowing down the spread of the virus. We will also continue to carefully monitor the three-tier local restrictions system implemented by the government and act accordingly within the structure and working framework. We believe it’s essential to play our part to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.

We have detailed are our clear measures and commitments we are implementing to protect everyone during the pandemic.

Guidelines Overview:

Pre-Disclosure & Assessment

  • We kindly request for all parties involved to be familiar with local and national restrictions based on whether a property is vacant, owner-occupied, or tenant-occupied, and consider applying varied precautions for occupied homes versus unoccupied properties.
  • Our objective is to discuss with property landlords the precautions that will be actioned whilst scanning their respective property and confirm that we will observe to any detailed instructions requested, by our clients, whilst scanning the property.
  • We will require full disclosure, from our clients, and request all parties onsite to self-disclose whether they have COVID-19 or exhibit any symptoms. Please bear in mind that COVID-19 can also be transmitted by asymptomatic individuals.
  • 3D-VR media will continually monitor and review any local restrictions, within the area, on the number of persons who may be present during the scan and discourage non-essential individuals from being present of the day of the capture.
  • We endeavour to limit contact and to not to touch anything within the property. If we require any open cabinets, closets, or window coverings – we will inform the relevant individuals to do so ahead of the scan.
    • For an owner or tenant-occupied properties, we will request that the owner or tenant open all cabinets, closets, window coverings, and to turn on lights before leaving the property.
    • For vacant properties, we advise our clients to arrive early to open the front door, open all cabinets, closet, window coverings, and to switch on all lighting required within the property.

Client Interaction & Contact

  • We strongly recommend that if you are required to discuss a matter with our staff, you do so outside of the location or in a ventilated space while maintaining a distance of 6 feet or communicate by phone or email.
  • Comply with social distancing regulations by maintaining a minimum of six feet of space between persons at all times.
  • Avoid shaking hands or making physical contact with any individual.
  • A compulsory requirement for all individuals entering a property to immediately wash their hands or to use hand sanitizer, remove footwear or wear booties, and wear a face mask or covering, and gloves.
  • Recommend not to share any phones, pens, or tablets or other personal property during the scan.

Post-Scan Advice

  • We suggest wiping down all surfaces touched during the scan with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner, as requested by the client and suggest the proprietor also disinfect the property.
  • We recommend wiping down the key and lockbox with a sanitizing wipe or disinfecting cleaner after use.
  • We will also maintain a log of interactions to enable contact tracing, to include names, dates, and locations of interactions, as well as a party’s contact information.

COVID-19 Approach :

During these difficult times, we all need to support each other to reduce the rate of the virus locally and nationally. Whilst the UK attempts to stem the current figures, we kindly request that all our clients help support this by adopting a new approach.

In order to support us, we respectfully require that all locations we visit are prepared for a safe working environment to comply with the new regulations.  Should any of the detailed procedures fail to meet our safety standards, we will be unable to proceed with the scan and a new appointment will need to be scheduled and agreed. We will confirm the re-arranged date and time upon satisfactory approval and implementation of the guidelines outlined below. A cancellation fee will also be applied.

Client Actions Prior To Scan

To slow down the spread of COVID-19 and to safeguard the health of our families and communities, 3D-VR media request that all our clients to review the following measures and follow the health advice, by WHO, before we undertake a scanning on our customer sites.

  • Ensure that you and your employees are not experiencing any flu-like symptoms, particularly fever, cough or shortness of breath.
  • If anyone is experiencing symptoms, have them call the doctor and stay at home.
  • If the job cannot be completed, please reschedule the appointment for a future date that makes sense based on what’s going on within the local community and area.
  • Because the situation is dynamic, please follow the latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO).
  • Review and follow the basic protective measures from WHO before going onsite.
  • Thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water before, during and after the appointment.
  • Refrain from handshakes or physical contact with anyone outside your bubble.
  • If possible, do not touch any of the furniture and refrain from onsite staging.
  • We recommend wearing gloves and following WHO’s guidance on when and how to wear a mask.
  • Please monitor the news and comply with any national or local guidelines and restrictions, including “shelter in place” orders.