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Why Choose 3D-VR media?

At 3D-VR media we present professionals, corporations and commercial advertisers with a distinctive platform to market their presentations, websites and social media posts directly to the chosen target audience.

3D-VR media : Virtual Tours, A Winning Formula

In today’s digital world, social media and websites are becoming more and more prevalent in decision making for the consumer.

3D-VR media help our client’s gain a competitive edge over rival businesses by creating virtual tours enabling prospective customers the ability to view the location prior to booking an appointment or making a reservation. Not only does this visually engage potential buyers, but it also provides the consumer with the proficiency to gauge a better insight into what properties, services and options the respective business has to offer.

Matterport : A Powerful All-In-One 3D Data Platform

At 3D-VR media, our ultimate aim is to lead from the front by providing a cutting edge and innovative service. To match our ambition – we sourced the technology to not only represent our company goals but also exceed our client’s expectations.

Matterport is currently the global spearhead in immersive 3D technology. Their market-leading equipment has given us the freedom to provide a platform to easily capture, edit and share 3D models of physical spaces. These navigable 3D-VR tours are superbly presented in Matterport's exclusive photo-realistic digital media format.

With Matterport, potential buyers, consumers and visitors can easily navigate through a tour of the respective venue or property at any-time, anywhere without physically being at the location.

Cortex AI : Artificial Intelligence Platform

Optimized neural networks are key to creating robust, highly accurate 3D digital twins in the real world.

Last year, Matterport launched Cortex AI, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered platform that enables us to create engaging 3D-VR tours enhancing the power of immersive technology. AI gives us the ability to systemise manual responsibilities like blurring faces, selecting high-quality photography and producing short video footage. These files can be easily shared and transferred making it a valuable asset for companies who are looking to enhance and grow their online presence.

Matterport : The Benefits

Our Matterport three-dimensional camera systems are used to create realistic and fully immersive experiences. The benefits highlighted below illustrate the commercial advantages of incorporating Matterport within a business.

Superior Quality

Matterport can produce a 3D realistic representation of virtual locations that enables individuals to view the location from their smart device, tablet or VR headset without physically entering the location.


Measurements and dimensions captured by Matterport, for floor schematic plans, are extremely accurate to within 1% of reality under normal operating conditions eliminating human error.

3D Dollhouse

Photo-realistic dollhouse view enables viewers to virtually tour the location interactively by rotating and zooming in and out of the section.


Matterport is remarkably adaptable and allows us to scan virtually any location in any industry with no limitations.

Customer Engagement

Client’s increase collaboration and productivity, as well as expanding customer engagement and reach by embedding and sharing 3D digital captures on corporate websites and social media platforms.


Easily incorporate external website links using Mattertag posts including various multimedia links, images, audio and visuals.

Matterport : The Statistics

Wondering how our technology can help your business grow? The following relevant statistics will demonstrate how Matterport can assist in increasing engagement and sales.


Visitors to corporate websites that offer Matterport virtual tours are 3-6x more engaged than average listings.


Matterport tours receive 49% more qualified leads.


60% of buyers are more likely to email an agent and 95% are more likely to call to discuss a location that they have seen online that includes a Matterport 3D Showcase.


90% of companies using Matterport identified that Matterport has supported them in building a stronger corporate brand within their sector.


83% are far more competitive because of Matterport.


74% of estate agents confirm that they are more successful in winning listings when using Matterport.